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Gesture Cube : Now You Can Control Your Android with Just a Wave of the Hand

Motion technology has been on the rise for a long time. Manufacturers and big brands have come up with different ways to enhance this technology and take it further into the road. Although it is quite hard to say who started this, one will remember Microsoft for what they did way back in the past. When it comes to android, we specifically remember Gesture Cube and how it helped shape things for the Future. So, to give credit, here are some points to claim that it is indeed the Future.

Easy Accessibility

The first thing that pops into everyone’s mind about motion technology is the ability to make things easy. Unlike the old code method, people can have easy access to their devices, as it opens in a matter of time. Things that bring in the right solutions will help you have access, and people fall for easy solutions. When you can get ice cream delivered, why would anyone walk miles together to get the same?

Unique Demand

Changing trends have always been a part of our lifestyle since we tend to move accordingly. As time passes, people become more hungry, and solutions keep rising. So, motion technology might shape the future, but it may get erased, as innovators will find an easier solution. As the cycle repeats, one day, we will end up on things that can be considered as a replacement for AI.

Makes Lives Better

The ideal part about solutions is the fact that it makes things happen faster, and people are exposed to better standards of living. Through time, things take shape and end up going in the right path of success. Although this technology might bring in negative impacts, it still manages to help you when you need it the most. So, before we begin the usual process of pointing fingers, learn to appreciate things for the moment.

The Smartphone Venture

Humans have reached a point where they cannot live without smartphones, thanks to their impact on everyday life. These devices interact with humans in a way where we need them for different purposes. This takes shape and manufacturers provide the right fuel. So, android users will be glad about this technology, since it impacts them the most. Through time, smartphones will have way better uses and benefits.

The Effects of Competition

The industry is vast and filled with a lot of players. Their main job is to dethrone the rest and rise to the top. In this venture, they go through means of exploration and experimentation. By doing so, advancements come along, making matters predictable and easier. Hence, in all aspects, the Future is one thing that we all await.
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Different Ways to Use Sensors on Your Android Device

Android Phones come with a lot of sensors that are equipped for a lot of reasons. They respond to a ton of inputs and results will be based on the kind of input that we have streamed into the device. But are you making the right use of these sensors? Well, in reality, there are plenty of cool things that you can achieve by using them accurately. So, if you are wondering about the same, then we are here to assure you that it's going to be alright. Hence, here are different ways through which you can use sensors on your android device.

Media Player and Hand Motion

We are all aware of the extent of hand motion and why it stands to be a cool way to process inputs. In that manner, you can utilize the same on your android device, thanks to the kind of sensors that it has inside — all you need to do to install Wave Control. Now, you can control your media playback with a hand gesture, and things will be a lot faster. The proximity sensor on your phone helps you provide these commands, and they always come with strong results.

The Heart Rate Sensor

Apart from clicking pictures, you can utilize your camera for a ton of reasons. One of them also helps you keep a check of your heart. Yes, that's right. With the help of your camera, you can check your heart and understand things on a better note. An app called Cardiograph does this job, and it utilizes your phone camera and flash to measure your heart rate. There are also smartwatches that do the same job, so considering price, take your pick.

Answering Calls, the Right Way

Unlike the outdated method where you have to click on the screen to answer your phone, here you can just pick it up and place it to your ear. SpeakerPhone Ex is the right app that helps you do this job, and you need to install it right away. In cases of emergencies, the app comes in handy, and you need not wait for anything. The app also supports various other features like stopping auto-answer when you silence a call.

The Lock and Unlock Feature

The difficulty in unlocking a phone when the power button is broken is an experience that nobody wants to entertain. So keep all those worries aside, by using an app that lets you lock and unlock your phone automatically. If that excites you, then you need to install Kin Screen, as it does the same. The app utilizes the proximity sensor while unlocking, as it is covered and you can unlock the screen by waving your hand over the sensor.
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The Best Apps like Wave Control for IOS

People have been enjoying Wave Control for a long time, as its uses have taken a toll on everyone. The effortless user experience that it provides makes all the difference, and people have been looking forward to upgrades. To take things on the right note, you need to know that there are other apps like Wave Control, that is available for IOS. Most of them have unique features that qualify them for better user experience. Hence, to shed more light into these apps, here's a list of some of the best.

Wave Alarm - Motion Control Alarm Clock

Wave Alarm is quite different from the rest of the apps that try to wake you up. The developers were keen on making things unique, so they brought in motion technology. Now, if you wish to stop the alarm, all you need to do is to make a gesture. As your action gets credited, the alarm will react in the right manner, making things easier. The problems that arise from searching your phone and tapping the screen can be minimised.


All Mac users might be aware of this app, as it is extremely helpful for a long list of options. By using Rowmote, you can control video, audio and also various other presentation applications. This application provides easy access and control for iTunes, Quicktime, DVD Player, Keynote, and so on. The terms of usage are simple, closing the door for complications.

NETGEAR Nighthawk

This is another top application that also comes with a long list of advantages and benefits. You can do more with your WiFi, and the options might take you by surprise. You can access your router's features, and the network is manageable from all corners. The app also provides some intense cover for security, letting things take shape for the better. With constant upgrades, you can also expect innovations and features to keep coming and coming.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

One can never predict situations, as they happen without giving you warnings. The only way to face such things is to come prepared in advance. This form of preparation can mean access to some classic apps that provide instant access to all the emergency contacts. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner, is one such app that has the largest collection of police, firefighters, aircraft, emergency, railroad and news. Thanks to their form of providing updates, you will be posted about everything as and when it happens.

PlayerXtreme Media Player

There are plenty of video players out in the market, promising you with the right features that help you have easier solutions. The case is quite different when it comes to PlayerXtreme Media Player, as it is not like the rest.
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