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Different Ways to Use Sensors on Your Android Device

Android Phones come with a lot of sensors that are equipped for a lot of reasons. They respond to a ton of inputs and results will be based on the kind of input that we have streamed into the device. But are you making the right use of these sensors? Well, in reality, there are plenty of cool things that you can achieve by using them accurately. So, if you are wondering about the same, then we are here to assure you that it's going to be alright. Hence, here are different ways through which you can use sensors on your android device.

Media Player and Hand Motion

We are all aware of the extent of hand motion and why it stands to be a cool way to process inputs. In that manner, you can utilize the same on your android device, thanks to the kind of sensors that it has inside — all you need to do to install Wave Control. Now, you can control your media playback with a hand gesture, and things will be a lot faster. The proximity sensor on your phone helps you provide these commands, and they always come with strong results.

The Heart Rate Sensor

Apart from clicking pictures, you can utilize your camera for a ton of reasons. One of them also helps you keep a check of your heart. Yes, that's right. With the help of your camera, you can check your heart and understand things on a better note. An app called Cardiograph does this job, and it utilizes your phone camera and flash to measure your heart rate. There are also smartwatches that do the same job, so considering price, take your pick.

Answering Calls, the Right Way

Unlike the outdated method where you have to click on the screen to answer your phone, here you can just pick it up and place it to your ear. SpeakerPhone Ex is the right app that helps you do this job, and you need to install it right away. In cases of emergencies, the app comes in handy, and you need not wait for anything. The app also supports various other features like stopping auto-answer when you silence a call.

The Lock and Unlock Feature

The difficulty in unlocking a phone when the power button is broken is an experience that nobody wants to entertain. So keep all those worries aside, by using an app that lets you lock and unlock your phone automatically. If that excites you, then you need to install Kin Screen, as it does the same. The app utilizes the proximity sensor while unlocking, as it is covered and you can unlock the screen by waving your hand over the sensor.
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